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Tax Advisory & Compliance

In cooperation with experienced tax advisors, Relikor Serv Ltd can offer clients a full range of services to establish and maintain tax-efficient and fully compliant corporate entities and personal tax status.

In cooperation with external tax specialists, we provide professional tax and VAT advice to individuals and companies in Cyprus. We help clients implement tax efficient strategies which reduce liabilities in legal and compliant manner.

• We submit personal tax returns according to your personal income.
• We i
dentify suitable opportunities and implement efficient tax strategies to protect wealth.

• We offer advice by taking into consideration the tax regulations and legislations.

• We implement the proper structures to minimise capital gains tax.

• We assist in dealing with tax authorities in the case of errors.


• We propose business structures for more efficient tax planning.

• We advise how to minimize tax liabilities with knowledge of different tax regimes.

• We prepare and submit tax returns to the Registrar of Companies.

• We prepare and submit documentation to tax authorities to avoid unnecessary penalties.

• We deal with tax authorities on your behalf in case of errors.


• We reduce tax liabilities by utilizing different tax structures from different juristictions.
• We offer range of structures to ensure long term sustainability, asset protection and fiscal growth through different tax strategies.

• We deal with VAT authorities on behalf for your company.
• We offer informed decisions on amendments to VAT legislation.

• We advise on changes to Cyprus and EU VAT regulations which have impacts on your business.

• We ensure your company is compliant with latest VAT legilasation.

• We implement VAT due diligence and perform VAT audits and appeal procedures.

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