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Audit & Assurance

We prepare financial statements and audit reports for clients in full accordance with international requirements. We also provide recommendations for improving internal control systems, reducing tax risks and increasing reliability and transparency of financial reporting. 

We conduct an audit in several stages so that we can identify errors and correct them before the annual audit and preparation of annual financial statements and reporting to shareholders and regulatory agencies. The first stage audit assesses the internal control systems, how cooperation takes place between functions, accounting policies, major commercial contracts, accounting and tax records, etc.


The scope and nature of the transactions audited will vary depending on the assignment received. Here are some of the procedures we undertake:

> Information analysis, comparisons to verify accuracy of accounting records;

> Obtaining evidence from external sources to verify company records;

> Assistance to set up an internal audit department;

> Assistance to develop a risk management framework;
> Identify and assess risks and control weaknesses;
> Introducing best practices and efficiencies;

> Make recommendation reduce operating costs;
> Advice to establish Audit Committees;

> Advice to introduce best practices of corporate governance;

> Review of the financial statements to identify possible problems;
> Conversion of reports prepared under Generally Accepted Accounting Policies (GAAP) to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) reporting. 

The in-house Relikor team offers full range of audit and assurance services so clients can be sure that their records are accurate and compliant with the lastest local and global regulations.

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