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Payroll, Tax &
VAT Services

Relikor payroll, tax and VAT services

Payroll Services
For companies who employ staff in Cyprus or abroad, we offer the following payroll services:

  • Monthly calculations and payment of social insurance & PAYE

  • Registration of new employees for income tax and social insurance

  • Notice of termination of employment to social insurance department

  • Application obtain work permits and residence permits for non-Cypriot staff

  • Preparation and submission of employer's return TD7

Tax Services
Our taxation team can assist our clients in a wide range of taxations matters, by advising about applicable Cyprus and EU tax laws, and making effective use of Double Tax Treaties signed by the Republic of Cyprus.
Our tax services cover the following areas:
Registration with the relevant tax authorities

  • Preparation and submission of annual tax return

  • Review of tax assessments issued by tax authorities

  • Advice about international tax planning

  • Tax ruling and tax clearance

  • Preparation and submission of Special Defence Contribution (SDC)

  • Computation and submission of provisional tax

  • Timely payments of all taxes to avoid penalties 

VAT Services
VAT regulations are strict and non-compliance can lead to costly penalties and investigations. Our experienced staff will ensure that clients meet all their VAT obligations on time will review all submissions to mitigate the risks of error.

Our VAT services cover the following areas:

  • Registration with VAT department in all jurisdictions where company has operations

  • Assist with VAT investigations

  • Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns

  • Application for VAT ruling

Other Services
VIES declaration is necessary when a company supplies goods and services between EU member states. We assist clients to register with VIES and to submit returns every month.

EORI Registration is required by Cyprus companies involved in cross border activities are required to register and apply for EORI number with Customs & Excise. We assist clients to apply for a EORI registration number.

Relikor Serv provides a full range of out-sourced services for payroll, VAT and Tax and other corporate obligations. We are efficient, we respect deadlines and we are cost-effective - contact us for more information.

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