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Below are announcements and articles about audit regulations, taxation and compliance which the Relikor team believes is important for our readers. 

Please note the information on this page is correct at the time of publication. Readers are strongly advised to seek expert advice about tax and other issues because regulations can be revised at any time by governments and international regulators.

News about notional interest deduction

Deadline for the Cyprus Register of the Beneficial Owners 
Καταχώριση Στοιχείων στο Μητρώο Πραγματικών Δικαιούχων

Published: 8 September 2023

The Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property, announced that all Cyprus registered companies, European companies (SE), Partnerships and their officers/partners have to register information about the Beneficial Owners in the Cyprus Register of Beneficial Owners, by the 30th September. If you would like Relikor to prepare and submit your submissions, please contact us as soon as possible.

Reminder about Cyprus Tax and VAT Deadlines 
Date Published: 11th August 2023

Please find in the link below, the important dates and deadlines for submissions and payments of all Cyprus Tax and VAT.  Relikor Tax and Vat experts are available to advise clients with more information about the regulations and deadlines. Call us +357-22025795 or email: info @ relikor . com
News about VAT deadline

Submission of Personal Tax Returns 2022 (TD1)
Υποβολή Δηλώσεων Φορολογίας Φυσικών Προσώπων Για Το 2022 
Published: 17th July 2023

The Tax Department announced that the TAXISnet website is now accepting submissions for Personal Tax Returns (Form TD1) for individuals for the income year 2022. The submission date was delayed due to changes that had to be made concerning tax exemptions for foreign workers in Cyprus with income over EUR50,000. If you would like Relikor to prepare and submit your personal tax return, please contact us as soon as possible.

Attractive Tax Exemptions For High Income Earners 
Ελκυστικές Φορολογικές Εκπτώσεις Για Υψηλά Εισοδηματικά 'Ατομ
Published: 13th July 2023

The Tax Department recently announced amendments for very attractive income tax exemptions (up to 50%) for non-residents of Cyprus. The revised rules have backdated effect as of 1st of January 2022 and concern individuals who were non-residents of Cyprus for a period of 15 years previous to their first employment in Cyprus, and have an annual gross income over €50,000. Before the changes, these exemptions applied only to persons with an annual income of more than €100,000. If you would like further information about Personal and Corporate Taxation in Cyprus, please contact us.

Reduced VAT For Acquisition or Construction of Primary Permanent Residence in Cyprus 
Μειομένο ΦΠΑ Για Απόκτηση η Κατασκευή Κύριας και Μόνιμης Κατοικίας Στην Κύπρο

Published: 23rd June 2023

On 16th June 2023 an amendment was published in the Official Gazette introducing changes to the requirements for the application of reduced VAT rate of 5% for the acquisition or construction of primary and permanent residences in Cyprus. From now on, the reduced VAT rate of 5% will apply provided that the residence meets certain criteria.
If you would like further information about VAT regulations and real estate in Cyprus, please contact us.

News about VAT deadline

Extension of Deadline for Submission of Personal Tax Returns 2022 (TD1)
Παράταση Προθεσμίας Υποβολής Δηλώσεων Φορολογίας Φυσικών Προσώπων 
Published: 12th June 2023

The Cyprus Council of Ministers issued a decree (No.183/2023) on Friday 9th June 2023 to extend the deadline for the electronic submission of the 2022 Personal Income Tax returns (TD1) to 2nd October 2023. The deadline for the payment of the final tax due by self-assessment is also extended to 2nd October 2023. If you would like Relikor to prepare and submit your personal tax return, please contact us as soon as possible.

Deadline for Submission of Company Temporary Tax for Year 2023
Προθεσμία Υποβολής Προσωρινού Φόρου Εταιρειών για το Έτος 2023

Published: 5th June 2023

Please note all Cyprus companies must inform the Tax Department of the estimated temporary tax for the tax year 2023. We advise our clients to make necessary arrangements for the submission of the tax return and the payment of the relevant tax before 14th July 2023 to avoid any penalties. If you would like Relikor to prepare and submit your tax declarations, please contact us as soon as possible.

News about Cyprus provisional tax declarations

Deadline for the Payment of Annual Company Levy 2023
Προθεσμία Πληρωμής του Ετήσιου Τέλους 2023 

Date Published: 29th May 2023

We inform our clients that the deadline for the payment of the annual company levy is on 30th June 2023. If you would like Relikor to advise about Cyprus tax and VAT obligations, contact us (tel:
22025795, email:


Why Choose Relikor Serv ?
Γιατί Μας Επιλέγουν οι Πελάτες Μας ;

Date Published: 22nd May 2023

Our managing director and professional staff provide efficient services and expert advice for book-keeping, accounting, audit, tax advisory, assurance and compliance. Click button below to read why our clients choose us. 

News about payroll

Important Benefits For Employees With 'Cyprus Nomad Visa' Status
Σημαντικά Οφέλη Για Υπαλλήλους Με Βίζα Διαμονής «Nomad»

Date Published: 15th May 2023

The Social Insurance Services of Cyprus recently clarified the obligations for payment of Social insurance contributions for employees who have acquired the ‘Cyprus Nomad Visa’ permit. The important benefit to note is that all employees who have this status and who do not have their usual residence in Cyprus (or Switzerland or EU/EEA member state), are completely exempt from paying the above monthly contributions. For more information about how to acquire the Cyprus Nomad Visa, please contact our office.

News about tax payments

Changes in the Method for Payment of Direct Taxes
Αλλαγές στον Τρόπο Πληρωμής Οφειλών Άμεσης Φορολογίας

Date Published: 8th May 2023

The Cyprus Tax Department announced that from 3rd May 2023, all payments for direct taxes have to be done through the Tax Portal ( and not via the JCCSmart platform. The codes and passwords used in old system of TAXISNet will be valid in the new Tax Portal. If you need any help or advice for the above change, call us (tel 22025795) and ask for our tax adviser. Click below for the official annoucement.


New Regulations for Cyprus Permanent Residency Permits 
Νέοι Κανονισμοί για Άδειες Μόνιμης Διαμονής Κύπρου

Date Published: 4th May 2023

The Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department announced new requirements for the Permanent Residency by Investment programme (aka ‘Golden Visa’). The new criteria will apply for applications that are submitted from 2nd May 2023 and onwards. The investment amount remains the same but there are changes to other requirements and it is not possible for parents and parents in law of the main applicant to apply.  Click button below to read full details of the changes. 

News about VAT deadline

Extension of the Deadline for Submission & Payment of VAT 
Παράταση Προθεσμίας Υποβολής και Καταβολής Φ.Π.Α
Date Published: 26th April 2023

We inform our clients that the deadline for the for submission and payment of VAT via the online platform Tax For All (TFA) will be extended to 10th May 2023. 
If you would like Relikor to prepare and submit VAT for your business, please contact us the latest by 3rd May 2023.

News about employer tax return

Deadline for Employer's Tax Return (IR7)
Προθεσμία για τη Φορολογική Δήλωση Εργοδότη (IR7)
Date Published: 3rd April 2023

We inform our clients that the deadline for electronic submission of the 2022 Employer’s Tax Return (TD7) is on 31st of May 2023. If you would like Relikor to prepare and submit on your behalf, please contact us the latest by 17th of April 2023.

News about notional interest deduction

Reference Rate for Notional Interest Deduction (NID)
Date Published: 18th March 2023

On 16 March 2023, the Tax Department published the yields (rates) of the 10-year government bonds as at 31.12.2022, which increased by 5%, serve as the "reference rate" for the purposes of the calculation of the Notional Interest Deduction (NID) for tax year 2023.  The Cyprus NID regulations offer a tax efficient method for Cyprus registered companies to finance their operations through new equity. 

News about transfer pricing

Transfer Pricing Documentation FAQs
Date Published: 1st March 2023

Recently, th
e Cyprus Tax Department published a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) page on its website with basic guidance on the Transfer Pricing documentation rules that were introduced last year. In particular, it is clarified that Interpretive Circular 3 dated 30 June 2017 with respect to back to back financing transactions no longer applies as from 1st January 2022.  

News about deemed dividends

Reporting Deadline for Deemed Dividend Distribution 
Date Published: 1st January 2023

We advise readers that there is a reporting deadline on 31st January 2023 for deemed dividend distribution (DDD) provisions of the Special Contribution for the Defence Law (SDC). 

Cyprus tax calendar by Relikor Serv
Date Published: 1st December 2022

Please find in the link below, the important dates and deadlines for submissions and payments of all Cyprus Tax and VAT.
News about crypto service providers

Date Published: 1st November 2022

Binance, a leading crypto exchange received authorization in Cyprus a few weeks ago via its local entity. Binance Cyprus Ltd, was granted registration as a Crypto Asset Services Provider (CASP) by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC). This will allow Binance to offer spot, custodian, staking, and card services, in compliance with the CYSEC AML and CTF requirements. 

News about Airbnb operators in Cyprus

Date Published: 1st October 2022

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus announced that all self-catering accommodations in Cyprus that are offered for short-term rentals on online platforms such as AIRBNB, BOOKING.COM and other platforms) should meet certain mimimum standards and they have to be registered in the official Registry of the Deputy Ministry by 06/02/2023. 

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News about Cyprus double tax treaties

Date Published: 1st September 2022

The Republic of Cyprus has an extensive list of double tax agreements which help to make the Cyprus jurisdiction an attractive domicile for companies with international trading and investments. 

News about Cyprus tax deductions

Date Published: 1st August 2022 

On 7th July 7th, the Cyprus House of Parliament voted for an extension of tax incentives to attract new investments, boost entrepreneurship and support start-ups. This new regulation incorporates a generous tax deduction on research and development expenses and is effective as of 20th July. 

News about Cyprus provisional tax declarations

Date Published: 1st July 2022 

Please note the payment deadline for the first provisional tax instalment for the tax year 2022 is 31 July 2022. The obligation to pay this instalment applies to individuals with taxable income other than salaries, pensions, dividends and interest and companies with taxable income.

News about trainee accountant vacancy in Relikor Serv

Date Published: 1st June 2022

Relikor is growing and has a new vacancy for Junior Accounting Assistant, click the link below for the Job Description and instructions how to apply.

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